Elastic Drawstring Cord vs. Replace Drawstring With Elastic Update 05/2022

One of the best things about sewing is how easy it is to make changes. You can alter the highlight, pocket, or even the drawstring if you don’t like it. Sewing becomes a lot more enjoyable because of this.
Some changes are more difficult to make than others. It’s not difficult to replace the drawstring with elastic or an elastic drawstring cord. Getting the fresh string through the casing and out the other side is the most difficult step.
Continue reading our post to discover more about this change. When you wish to replace your drawstring with elastic or elastic drawstring, it shows you the pros and cons. It is not difficult to do just a bit time-consuming.

Can You Replace a Drawstring?

One of the advantages of a drawstring is that it is not a fashion must-have. If you want to upgrade to something better, you can replace it. Replace your current drawstring with one of two available choices.
The elastic strips are the first option. These strips are long-lasting and help to offer a more secure fit. These elastic strips are easy to insert into the casing and come in a range of widths.
Finding the proper width for your apparel is the key to using elastic as a drawstring alternative. If you pull too far on a strip that is too thin, it may shatter. The tiny breadth may not be strong enough to complete the task.
An elastic drawstring cord is the second option. The drawstring is included into the elastic of this alternative choice. You get thickness, strength, and as you pull the string, the elastic doubles in size, making it a great fashion accent.

How to Replace Drawstring With Elastic

You can choose between two approaches. The first is far more difficult than the second. The first option is to just pull the drawstring all the way out. That should take no more than 15 seconds at most.
The elastic substitute can then be tied or attached to the hook end of a crochet needle. After that, simply thread the needle through the casing and around to the opposite side of the garment.
It is not necessary to use a crochet needle. You can use almost anything as long as it passes through the case without catching or causing problems. The second method is much simpler and quicker.
It’s also the most straightforward technique to replace the drawstring on most garments. Keep the original drawstring in place until the elastic’s end is tied to one of the drawstring’s ends.
To begin the threading procedure, tug on the other end of the drawstring. When the tied end first meets the drawstring opening, you may need to fiddle with it a little.
Continue pulling on the drawstring until the elastic comes out the opposite opening after you’ve tied the end into the casing. You can now replace the drawstring by undoing the knot.
The next step is to hand stitch or sew the elastic ends together to create the required bond. A few pointers to get you started. First, the elastic should be around 2 inches smaller than your actual waist size, however this is a flexible measurement.
Second, when you’re finished threading, you’ll need about an inch or so for the seam allowance to sew the elastic up. Third, a little opening on the casing inside the garment item can be opened. This aids in determining the elastic’s width.
When you’re finished, fix the gathers and close the gap you created.

Elastic Drawstring Cord for Sweatpants

If you’re going to replace a regular drawstring with a substitution, this may be the simplest and most straightforward alternative. It stretches out nicely and is easy to thread through the drawstring casing.
The quickest approach to thread the elastic drawstring into place is to tie the end to the present drawstring. This should just take a few minutes, and once completed, you can wear your sweatpants again.
Now that this phase of the task is over, you may choose from a variety of options to find that elastic drawstring. It’s a popular item that you might be able to find at Joann’s or another fabric/sewing store.
If you don’t like waiting in lines, you may always go to Wal Mart, Home Depot, or your local department shop if they carry a lot of sewing supplies. Then there’s Amazon if you don’t want to leave your house.
This marketplace offers a diverse range of products at moderate costs, and you can begin your search by visiting this link.
You won’t have to worry about the cord width with an elastic drawstring.
You should have no issue threading it through the case because it is already rather thick. You can choose whatever color you like.

Replace Drawstring in Pants or Shorts

You may easily replace the drawstring in your pants or shorts by following the instructions above. Simply tie one end of the replacement string to the existing one and pull it through the casing.
But what if the present drawstring has snapped due to misuse, excessive pulling force, or some other mishap? In such case, you’ll need to take apart both components of the drawstring and start over.
A quality BIC pen would be a decent substitute if you don’t have a crochet needle on hand. A smooth little chopstick or a safety pin are also viable solutions.
Simply attach the new drawstring to the tool and begin threading once you’ve picked which tool to use. It should only take a few minutes, and your pants or shorts will be ready to wear again before you know it.
You have three possibilities for replacing the broken drawstring in this scenario. Elastic, elastic drawstring cord, or simply use the drawstring that came with the pants or shorts.

How to Replace Drawstring in a Hoodie

A problem exists that affects all garment products, not only hoodies. It’s when one end of your drawstring has become stuck within the casing and you can’t get it out the correct opening no matter what you do.
In this case, you’ll need to take out the original drawstring and re-thread the casing from the beginning. You may be able to reuse the original drawstring if it is not frayed, broken, or too small.
If not, identical drawstrings or the elastic drawstring cord will have to suffice. You will not be able to use elastic in this circumstance. Because practically all drawstring apparel is the same, any of the equipment or methods previously discussed will work in this case.
You only need to set aside enough time to do the assignment. Attaching a drawstring lock is one option that may or may not work on other garment items. This lock will prevent such circumstance from recurring.
If you don’t have a lock, tie a knot that is too big to pass through the casement opening. This choice is suitable for pants, sweatpants, and shorts.

How to Replace an Elastic Waistband With a Drawstring

Because the elastic waistband may be stitched into place, this will take some time. This does not happen frequently, but it does happen, and you must be prepared to locate and remove the stitches.
If the elastic has been sewn, you must locate and gently remove the stitches. The elastic is usually attached to the fabric by stitching around the garment item.
This requires cutting the casing open and removing the stitches. A free elastic waistline eliminates much of the trouble. Cut the elastic and remove it once the stitching is removed. You won’t need its aid threading the drawstring with the casing open.
After you’ve removed the elastic, you may replace it with your drawstring. Because you’re transitioning from elastic to drawstring, you’ll need to make two openings in the middle front casing. These openings are where your drawstring enters and exits, and there should be about a 2-inch gap between them.
After that, sew up the casing again by threading the two ends of the drawstring through their respective holes. If you’re using a freestyle elastic, the procedure is a lot easier.
First, make your exit and entry holes. After that, cut the elastic and tie one end of the drawstring to one of the ends of the elastic. To begin, start with one of the new holes. Then grab the other end of the elastic and thread it through the second hole, pulling the new drawstring out the opposite side.
Once the two ends are even, you’re ready to go.

Different Uses for Drawstring Bags

Drawstrings are used in more than just clothing. Some bags have these as well, and if you need to replace the drawstring on one, the procedures described above should work just well.
Having a drawstring bag around the house has certain perks. They are really useful small bags that keep the contents safe until you open them. Here are some other applications:
  • 1. Separate your gym clothes – after a strenuous workout, you might not want to put those sweaty, stinky garments in your fine gym bag, which would spoil it. A drawstring bag helps keep your bag smelling fresh by separating dirty clothes from clean ones.
  • 2. Stuff your books inside – if you don’t have a book bag or don’t like carrying books on your shoulders, a drawstring bag can handle them and make them easier to carry.
  • 3. Hold dirty laundry – when you don’t have a hamper or need to transport your clothes to the laundromat, they’re a useful tool. The clothes, as well as the odor, should be kept inside.
  • 4. Toy storage – when you’re running out of space, these bags come in helpful. If you stuff enough toys inside, you’ll have more storage space. The toys are going to be safe.

A word About Drawstrings

Some people believe that this clothing piece is a threat to your life and the lives of your family. They went to considerable efforts to have them prohibited from children’s apparel, and in 1996, they were successful.
However, the examples they used to back up their claims were a little out of the ordinary. Only 31 incidences of children being hurt by drawstrings were discovered out of millions of children.
The use of drawstrings carries some risk, but with a little common sense and the correct parental training, these incidents can be avoided.

Some Final Words

It’s not difficult to replace the drawstrings on your sweatpants, jeans, shorts, and hoodies. It only takes a little time, effort, and the correct tools, and the project will be completed before you realize it.
Both elastic and elastic drawstrings are excellent replacement accessories that can make your clothing items more enjoyable to wear.

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