Fur Coats: Do They Make You Look Fat? (How Cold Should a Fur Coat Be Worn) Update 05/2022

If you’re already big, pleasantly plump, somewhat overweight, and other appropriate descriptions, practically everything will make you seem fat unless it’s the perfect hue.
Is it true that fur coats make you seem fat? Fur coats might make you appear chubby. Most fur coats, stoles, vests, and other accessories add bulk to your form, depending on how the fur was produced.
To wear fur, how cold does it have to be? That is entirely up to you and your ability to withstand the cold. The low 50s and mid 40s are a fine starting point, but you could go further colder.
Continue reading our post to learn more about fur and whether it makes you seem obese. It deftly examines the problem so you have all the knowledge you require. It is entirely up to you when you wear fur.

Do Fur Coats Make You Look Fat?

They can since fur is frequently thick. However, most furs are designed to be worn on special occasions and when the weather turns cold. They’re not for wearing in the summer when you want to look your slimmest.
The color of the fur, or any fabric, will then determine whether you appear fat or slim. Because black is said to be a slimming hue, black fur should disguise any bulges you haven’t been able to get rid of yet.
Light hues will serve to draw attention to those ugly pounds and emphasize them. Because it is created in some bulky fashions, even imitation fur might make you look obese. It’s important to remember that fur is designed to keep you warm, not to make you look like Twiggy.

Should Fur Coats Be Oversized?

Not really, but then again, this is a subjective topic, and the answer is contingent on where you live in the country, how cold it gets, and whether or not the style matches your figure. Yes, they should be big if you want to be extra toasty.
No, they shouldn’t if you just want to create a fashion statement, but don’t be surprised if you feel cold in that ‘fashion statement.’ When it comes to real or synthetic furs, the bulk, size, and fit are all up to you. You have a lot of leeway here because furs, whether oversized or not, appear to stay in style in some areas.
Use your best judgment to choose one that suits you and meets all of your requirements.

When Can You Wear a Fur Coat?

Furs were primarily designed to keep women warm when the weather became cold. However, because to the influence of fashion designers and changes in the way fur coats are created, it is nearly possible to wear fur in every season except summer.
Even if it is not a huge fur coat but a really hip and attractive one, summer is too hot for fur. Furs are excellent for the colder Spring and Fall days, as well as the chilly Winter days. Their primary priority is to keep you warm.
A formal event, such as the Opera, symphony, or comparable activities, is another appropriate opportunity to wear fur. Furs have an attractive elegance that makes the wearer appear wealthy and smart.

How Cold to Wear a Fur Coat

Everyone reacts differently to the cold. Some believe you start wearing fur when the temperature reaches 30 degrees F or in the 30s. Others are less fortunate and cannot tolerate the cold well, therefore the 40s and 50s are ideal temps to begin wearing fur.
It’s entirely up to you when you start wearing fur and how well you tolerate cool or cold temperatures. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule, and you are free to wear fur when the temperature is 60 degrees F or higher.
Fur coats, for example, are designed to withstand higher temperatures. They’re also designed to make you look like a top model.

What Temperature to Wear a Fur Coat

Wearing fur when the temperature outdoors is 70 degrees F or above is an act of madness, not fashion. Furs aren’t meant to be worn in hot weather, and they shouldn’t be worn when the sun is at its hottest.
Wait until the temperature drops below 70 degrees F before wearing fur, and then only if it seems chilly to you. Sweating inside a real fur coat is the last thing you want to do. They are costly, and cleaning them is not inexpensive.
Even faux fur is not inexpensive, and it should not be worn in inappropriate circumstances. It shouldn’t matter if it’s fashionable to do so. There is a right time to wear fur and a wrong time to wear fur.

When to Wear a Faux Fur Coat

There is still enough freedom in this world for you to wear faux fur whenever you choose. When you can wear real fur, the finest moment is right now. The rules remain the same because faux fur was created to replace or imitate genuine fur.
The true question isn’t when to wear faux fur, but whether you should. It’s as though everyone is dressed in jeans. Jeans are smooth and comfy, but certain fabrics and styles should not be worn by certain people.
For example, overweight men wearing male thong bathing suits at the beach. For some people, some fashions are not the correct fit, and faux or genuine fur is not the appropriate fit. If you do, save it for formal occasions.

Can You Still Wear Fur Coats?

Regardless of what we just mentioned, you are free to dress anyway you choose. Whether or not other people appreciate or accept your dress choice, or whether or not it is the proper look for you, is a topic for another article and day.
Yes, you can still wear fur coats, but bear in mind that there are militants and extremists out there who will argue against your wardrobe choice and express their views in a variety of methods, including unlawful ones.
You can still wear fur if you can handle those and other anti-fur views. If you can’t, it’s best to avoid wearing fur until you’re prepared to deal with the negative feedback. Furs serve a useful purpose and have a long history of doing so.

Does Anyone Wear Fur Coats Anymore?

Yes, many ladies consider a good fur coat to be a sign that they have made it, are successful, or are related to old money. It is probable that older individuals continue to wear fur coats because they are warm, fashionable, smart, and elegant.
Because of shifting social attitudes toward animals and their rights, many individuals no longer wear fur. Some go to lengths to voice their beliefs, intimidating many ladies and preventing them from wearing warm clothing.
Some people believe that wearing fur is simply adorning themselves with animal flesh. While this is only partially correct, fur does have a higher purpose. It’s also a long-lasting coat to wear.
Finally, there are many different points of view, and you should wear anything you want because it is your body.

Where to Wear a Fur Coat

If you’re only wearing fur for decoration or as a fashion statement, you can wear it almost everywhere. Sporting events, as well as beach and hiking activities, would be prohibited.
Furs are typically worn by women to church, temples, weddings, formal parties, and special occasions such as traveling to the opera. They wear fur in public locations where they can create a good impression on others.
While furs were initially used to keep people warm, they are today frequently used to impress others. Or make a fashion statement about their dislike for anti-fur activists’ attitudes and viewpoints.
Even when the weather is cold, furs are not typically worn for informal occasions, although some women do wear them on dates to impress a potential romantic partner.

Can You Wear Fur Coats in The Rain?

Yes, because real fur jackets are water and moisture resistant. The reason for this is because the animal hairs and natural oils create a protective barrier that keeps water out.
That recommendation applies to average rainfall or snowfall. It’s not a good idea to wear your fur coat outside during severe storms. If your fur coat becomes wet, hang it up to dry in the shade. Avoid using the dryer or direct sunshine to dry your fur because both are harmful to it.
Keep the place where you’re hanging the fur adequately ventilated and let the air do the work of drying it. When the fur is entirely dry, put it back in its usual storage location to be worn another day.

Can You Wear a Fur Coat in The Snow?

Yes, you can, and the same rules apply as when it comes to wearing fur in the rain. Extreme snowstorms are not ideal for wearing fur, but normal snowstorms are OK. Even a thin dusting of snow is OK for wearing fur.
If your fur coat becomes wet or completely soaked due to rain or snow, you will need professional assistance to save it. Take the fur to your furrier, sealed in a clothing bag.
Furriers are not dry cleaners. Furs are unique in this regard. Keeping a fur coat clean and in good condition requires extra attention. It is not for everyone. When your fur coat becomes saturated or has dirt or paint splashed on it, you should take it to someone who knows how to clean it properly. That’s even more furry.

Can a Man Wear a Fur Coat?

They can and have done so. A man wearing a fur coat was not uncommon in what is now known as the Roaring Twenties. Fur coats were also popular among males in the 1950s. Men bought roughly half of the fur coats sold throughout that decade.
Right now, that ratio is down to 5%, but men still wear fur, albeit it may not look the same as it did previously. Men, too, get cold, and fur jackets for men are perfect for keeping warm.
Fur collars are only seen on elegant double-breasted men’s jackets in some men’s fashion. That little touch elevates their appearance and gives it a sense of class and refinement.
A fur coat can assist elevate the look of a tuxedo for formal gatherings and special events. Furthermore, when worn at the appropriate moments, a good fur coat demonstrates a man’s good taste and sense of judgment.

Why do Guys Wear Fur Coats?

Fur coats are worn for two of the same reasons that women do. They want to keep warm while yet looking attractive. Men and women alike need to make good first impressions, and a beautiful fur coat helps them do so.
Men can be just as vain as women, and they can also have massive egos. Wearing furs appears to put certain personality qualities on show for all to observe. Fur coats are typically worn by males since they are the most appropriate attire for their situation.
Furs are long-lasting, warm, and fashionable. They are durable and can withstand the abuse that guys are prone to give them. Plus, at least some men care about their appearance.
Is it true that furs make guys seem fat? Men’s fur coats are created differently than women’s fur jackets. Even if the ones worn in the 1920s and earlier were large, they didn’t distort a man’s body the way a huge fur coat would.

How to Wear a Fur Coat Casually

The first step is to make sure that whatever you’re wearing underneath the fur doesn’t conflict with it. There are lighter fur types that let you to breathe, so wearing them in hot weather is not an issue.
When you want to look casual, turtleneck sweaters or t-shirts are excellent. Alternatively, a fur jacket or vest can be worn to soften the formal appearance of furs. Furs look great with jeans and other casual bottoms.
While fur has a rich, classy, sophisticated look and reputation, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear different styles of fur to unwind and be yourself. Then a nice fur coat is ideal for those chilly nights that occur from time to time.
You stay warm without overdressing for the occasion. The trick to wearing fur casually is to avoid wearing it if you’re dating a vegetarian or vegan, or if you’re going somewhere with a lot of anti-fur folks.

Some Final Words

Yes, they will make you look obese, but they also make you look attractive, sophisticated, and well-off. It is a trade-off, and you must decide whether it is beneficial to you. Furs have a place in fashion, and they definitely make the wearer look smart and lovely.

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