Troubleshooting Bernina 770: Resolving Bernina 770 QE Issues Update 05/2022

Sewing machines with computerized fault codes. Technology advancement is not always beneficial because it introduces new problems and codes to deal with. The advantages of technology, particularly in sewing machines, are not always worth the inconvenience of upgrading. Even high-end Bernina sewing machines have issues. A single thread stuck in the wrong location could be […]

What is the age of my Janome sewing machine? (Models, History, and Worth) Update 05/2022

Although you might be tempted to say Janome, the correct pronunciation is ja-no-mey. The ‘e’ in this name is not silent, and some western English speakers have trouble recalling the distinction. In the end, Janome has a lengthy and illustrious history, regardless of how you pronounce its name. What is the age of my Janome […]

Fur Coats: Do They Make You Look Fat? (How Cold Should a Fur Coat Be Worn) Update 05/2022

If you’re already big, pleasantly plump, somewhat overweight, and other appropriate descriptions, practically everything will make you seem fat unless it’s the perfect hue. Is it true that fur coats make you seem fat? Fur coats might make you appear chubby. Most fur coats, stoles, vests, and other accessories add bulk to your form, depending […]

Is It Possible to Iron Linen? (Ironing Linen Shirts, Curtains…) Update 05/2022

When it’s hot and humid outside. You begin to alter your appearance. With each new wardrobe change, new techniques to care for those fabrics emerge. Some fabrics need to be ironed, while others need not. Some people require dry cleaning, while others do not. Linen is a fragile fabric that requires extra attention. Are you […]

What’s the Difference Between a Regular Sewing Machine and a Serger? Update 05/2022

There is no one who has never heard of a conventional sewing machine. Let’s face it, the picture of a sewing machine comes to mind whenever we think about manufacturing clothes. On the other hand, few people even know what a serger is, let alone consider it. Maybe you’ve heard someone mention a serger before […]

What Does Batiste Mean? (Features, Applications, Maintenance, Purchase) Update 05/2022

It’s difficult to keep up with all of the textiles available. Then there’s the possibility that each one serves a different purpose, making it even more difficult to keep track of them. To pick the proper fabric for your next sewing project, you’ll need a scorecard. What exactly is batiste? Batiste fabric is a semi-sheer, […]