Troubleshooting Bernina 770: Resolving Bernina 770 QE Issues Update 05/2022

Sewing machines with computerized fault codes. Technology advancement is not always beneficial because it introduces new problems and codes to deal with. The advantages of technology, particularly in sewing machines, are not always worth the inconvenience of upgrading.
Even high-end Bernina sewing machines have issues. A single thread stuck in the wrong location could be the source of several of these issues. Look for a thread yourself before spending up to $300 to get it removed. Not every issue with Bernina sewing machines necessitates the assistance of a certified expert.
Continue reading this post to discover more about troubleshooting a Bernina 770. It offers remedies to those issues so you don’t have to spend a fortune. You cannot, however, implement all solutions.

Troubleshooting a Bernina 770

Some Bernina 770 error codes can be solved quickly and easily by obtaining the appropriate file from the Bernina website.
Click this link to see if any of the available updates can help you with your problem.
You might not be able to see the problem if you obtain the 1010 error code. When even a small thread worms its way into the depths of your sewing machine, this code activates, and it remains concealed until a qualified technician locates it and removes it.
If you let the expert handle it, the cost of this easy repair will exceed $250. Make sure the cutter is clean, oil the hook race, and replace the oil in the reservoir under the needle plate to avoid this problem.
Cleaning the machine after each stitching project will help prevent this problem from recurring. Expect your maintenance department’s workload to increase when you purchase precise machines.

Bernina 770 Bobbin Stuck in Case

This appears to be a common issue with sewing machines of this sort. It can happen when a strand of thread becomes stuck and the bobbin refuses to move after you remove it. It’s not a major issue, and you can probably fix it yourself without voiding your warranty.
Simply remove the hook and carefully push the bobbin case, or even simply the bobbin, out from the back side. To manage the pushing, you’ll need a thin but powerful instrument.
When this happens, the issue could be caused by a faulty bobbin casing. The bobbin casing should be replaced to resolve this issue. When you do this, be sure your computer is still under warranty so you don’t end up spending a lot of money on repairs.
If you’re doing it yourself, the trick is to press lightly yet firmly. When doing this, be careful not to damage either portion.

How to Clean Thread Cutter On Bernina 770

The initial step in this procedure is to locate your gear symbol and obtain instructions from it. The needle, foot, and needle plate must all be removed next. Press the ‘connect’ and then the cutter buttons while you’re doing that.
After that, the cutter should slip out into the needle plate area’s middle. You should be able to simply clean the cutter once it has slid out. When you’re done, simply hit the link again, and the cutter should return to its original position and be ready to use.
Check your warranty and owner’s handbook to ensure that you can do this action without voiding your warranty. This is a piece of advice that we will repeat frequently because it is critical to protect your coverage. It’s a wise decision to save money on repairs.

Cleaning Thread Catcher

The thread catcher is a crucial component that must be kept clean. This part should be found on Bernina sewing machines with an automatic thread cutter. This portion must be cleaned because it aids the thread cutter’s operation.
To begin, remove the presser foot, needle, and stitch plate, as well as the feed dog. Next, go to Setup and select the machine settings, maintenance update button, and thread catcher option.
After then, you’ll see step-by-step directions on how to clean this part on your screen. It’s easy to forget to take out the needle, so be sure you do so.
You should see a move the thread catcher out option appear on your screen, which you should select. Following that, simply follow the instructions as they show on the screen.
A compressed air can should not be used for cleaning the thread cutter or catcher. Typically, that thing blasts lint and thread deeper into your machine.

Bernina 770 Bobbin Winding

It’s possible that the bobbin winder has little rubber wheels. Those wheels aid in the winding process being smooth and simple. Those, however, will harden or wear out and cease to spin. When this happens, the bobbin winder stops winding, and those wheels must be replaced.
The repair is simple, and taking the old wheels off and replacing them should just take a few minutes for a qualified person. If the wheels aren’t the issue, you can lubricate the wheels with a little oil to prevent them from hardening and keep them in good shape.
With just 2 drops of oil, the wheels should be adequately lubricated, and you can get back to work. Hardening of the wheels should only occur if your 770 is older and not brand new.
Finally, take a look at the spring. It will stop the winder from working if it is not in the second notch. Simply return the spring to the second notch to resolve the issue.

Bernina 770 Top Thread Keeps Breaking

This is a frequent issue that practically all sewing machines face at some point. First, make sure your upper thread tension is correct. You will need to modify it if it is too tight.
The needle is another source of this difficulty. If the needle is of poor quality or size, it will exert tension on the thread, causing it to snap at an inopportune time. Alternatively, if the needle is dull, your thread may break before you complete sewing.
Another possibility is that the needle was not properly placed, that it was bent by contacting the needle plate, or that it broke. In every scenario, you just need to change the needle or double-check that it is properly inserted. Simple solutions are the best course of action to take first, and they may save you time and money if you discover the issues before the repairman.

Bernina 770 Needle Not Centered

Bernina offers many needle locations on many of their machines. When executing specific sewing activities, being off-center may be beneficial. The needle must be to the left or right of this foot, much like when using the zipper foot, otherwise it will strike it and shatter.
If you don’t have that sort of foot and your needle is off-center, use the Edgestitch foot guide to align it. Place it along the fold of the cloth. The needle location is then adjusted to provide a straight stitch.
In addition, see if your needle has a gadget or dial that allows you to move it to the left or right. If it does, simply turn the dial in the desired direction to center the needle.
Check your owner’s handbook for more specific information on how to use that feature properly.

Bernina 770 Screen Not Responding

The problem could be caused by the screen not being calibrated correctly when you turned it on. Turn the sewing machine off again, then turn it on again while holding the two-needle position buttons.
This could help with the calibration issue. If you’re not sure where the buttons are, first turn on the screen, and the device should have two fingers pointing in the direction you should press.
If you’re successful, immediately switch the machine off and on again. You may require a new touch screen if you are not successful. If this is the case, you should take it to a local authorized repairman to have it looked at.
Prepare to incur a large repair charge, as computerized machinery are not cheap to repair. One of the disadvantages of using a computerized sewing machine is this.

How to Reset Bernina 770

The simplest solution is to switch the machine off and then on again when the circumstance arises. If everything is in working condition, it should run through its diagnostic program and reset itself.
Also, when you turn it back on, there should be instructions on the touch screen to guide you through the process of resetting it. You may also need to press the needle left/right button and hold it down while the sewing machine re-calibrates itself when you turn it back on.
The relevant instructions are stored in the computer memory of these machines, thus accessing them will help you complete the operation correctly. You can also consult your owner’s manual, which is approximately 200 pages long. The reset information can be located in those two sources, albeit it may take some time.

How do I Check My Bernina 770 Hours?

Checking the number of hours you’ve used your Bernina 770 can be challenging. The reason for this is that it’s difficult to tell how long the machine has been on, how long you’ve been sewing with it, and at what speeds you’ve been sewing.
Faster speeds may record shorter periods, but they also add more hourly wear and tear. Bernina machines, on the other hand, usually count the number of stitches you’ve sewed.
That figure is a far better method to keep track of how much time you’ve spent sewing. When you reach a predefined stitch limit and the machine requires oiling, your 770 may illuminate a warning light.
Check your manual for a function that counts the hours, or look through your touch screen menu to see whether your machine has one built in.

Bernina 770 Noisy

The bobbin winder buzzing along while it works could be one source of this noise. If the noise isn’t coming from that part of the machine, it could be the feed dogs. When the machine is running, they tend to create a lot of noise.
Check your maintenance schedule and see when you last oiled your sewing machine. When there isn’t enough oil, parts tend to rub together and make a lot of noise.
Check out this website for videos on how to repair your Bernina 770. They feature a number of videos that cover a wide range of topics.

Some Final Words

Because nothing is flawless in this world, you may expect your pricey Bernina sewing machine to break down at some point. If these issues occur while your warranty is still active, you will be covered.
Allow the repairman to complete the task and get the machine back in working order. While he’s doing that, read the owner’s manual so you’ll be able to do simple repairs once the warranty expires.

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