What’s the Difference Between Velvet & Velour? Which is the superior option? Update 08/2022

Velvet and velour have always seemed to me to be nearly identical textiles. Both have a plush pile and an air of richness about them. They turn out to be varied materials that offer a project a particular look. So, which should you go with? What is the difference between velvet and velour? Which is […]

Raglan Sleeves Explained [Full Instructions] Update 08/2022

Unless you stitch your own garments, you may not have given much thought to where your sleeve meets your shirts and hoodies. However, this minor stylistic distinction between styles of sleeves has a significant impact on the formality of a shirt and can also give more or less movement! So, what exactly are Raglan sleeves […]

What Is The Best Way To Remove Highlighter From Clothes? Update 08/2022

It’s all too simple to smear a highlighter on your clothes when helping your kids with schoolwork or looking over the material you brought home from the workplace! When this happens, you’re left with a neon-colored stain that appears to be permanent. Fortunately, you can learn how to remove highlighter from clothing using items you […]

What is the cost of a Pfaff sewing machine? Update 08/2022

You need a top-of-the-line sewing machine if you stitch your own garments or run a home-based crafting business. Pfaff sewing machines are among the best in the world thanks to advanced technology and meticulous craftsmanship. However, because such great quality comes at a significant cost, you should also consider Pfaff sewing machine pricing and how […]

What’s the Difference Between Lycra and Spandex and Elastane? Update 08/2022

When you put on tight denim jeans or yoga pants, you expect the clothes to stretch and fit your body form. To achieve this flexibility, blended textiles incorporate spandex or Lycra into your clothing. This may leave you asking what the difference is between Lycra and spandex. Elastane is the material that goes by the […]

What’s the Difference Between Levi’s 513 and Levi’s 514 Jeans? Update 08/2022

Jeans can be worn for a variety of purposes, from ranch work to weddings, if you like them. But picking from all the different possibilities, such as fitted or unfitted, straight-cut or tapered, can be a little intimidating at times.. Consider the distinction between Levi’s 513 and 514 jeans, for example. A slim-straight cut and […]

Troubleshooting and Repairing Your Brother Sewing Machine Update 08/2022

Is there anything more frustrating than preparing to sew only to discover a jammed needle or a blocked thread? The good news is that most problems may be avoided by learning a few easy trade secrets. A Brother sewing machine repair guide is an excellent place to start! Repairing a Brother sewing machine entails cleaning […]